This water is a amazing. Tried it at a hotel i stayed at ...


This water is a amazing. Tried it at a hotel i stayed at in NYC but couldn't find anywhere. So happy they got on amazon.

-Robert Schumaker

King of Coconuts


Bought case after having at a restaurant in the coty. This is now my go to drink. Great as a recovery drink post yoga or just a hard day of work. So refreshing and revitalizing. Reordering second case now. Thanks Amazon and Eliya!

-Amazon Customer

Refreshingly clean taste


Genuinely good and best coconut water in the market. Had Eliya firs time when I stayed at hotel in nyc and ordered it immediately when I luckily found it on amazon. Thanks Eliya - keep it real 👍

-Rizwana Popatia



Awesome product! Love this! It is so tasty!


The real thing


This is a notch above other waters. Refreshing, clear and a creamy, simple taste - like drinking the water out of a freshly opened coconut.


A refreshing light beverage


I was gifted a set of these fancy elegant bottles by a close friend. Not much of a coconut water drinker, I was pleasantly surprised with the taste and smoothness of the product. Initially it felt a little sweet but once chilled, it tasted much better. I suggest drinking chilled. The coconut water tastes very refreshing and also feels light. Highly recommend it.

-Amazon Customer

The Real Deal - Best Coconut Water I have ever tasted!


I am a big drinker of coconut water, and I drink it daily. I had never had an opportunity to this brand until recently while I was shopping at my regular health food store. What initially caught my eye was the design of the bottle, and when I tasted it, I was IMMEDIATELY HOOKED! One of the biggest problems that I have with other brands that I have tried is that far too many of them do not actually taste like the actual coconut water you get out of a coconut. Even though they say there are no added ingredients, I always find something off with the taste of other brands. The moment I tasted this brand I was in love. I thought I was actually drinking out of a real coconut that is how good this product tasted! I never really take the time to write to a company regarding their product or write reviews but I just had to write this review and I also wrote to the company as well to let them know how much I enjoyed their product. I simply asked them one thing in my email, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE A THING!!!!!! IT IS DELICIOUS!!

-Eladio Villanueva

Great product.


Bottle is very elegant. Water is delicious. Great product.

-Alejandro Montealegre

Best coconut water!!


Fantastic!!! This is the best coconut water I have drank, very clean and organic taste!! Took a chance based on what I read and heard, glad I did. The only bad part - it has runied other easily available coconut water's taste for me.

-Amazon Customer

Best coconut water on earth!


I love coconut water and this is by far the best brand I’ve ever had. I don’t normally exercise but I might get back into it with the promise of downing one of these refreshing bad boys post workout. They’re so good that you’ll actually want to move your body.

-Amazon Customer

Less sweet but tastier


It's a matter of personal taste, but my preference is definitely this king coconut water, versus the Thai ones (I used to order the harmless brand very regularly).


Would recommend it to anyone who likes coconut water


Bought a case after a friend's recommendation. You can't feel the difference between this and real coconut water from raw coconuts. Would recommend it to anyone who likes coconut water. Best in class.
Very beautiful and elegant bottle is added advantage.




This is some really really good stuff. I personally like drinking it after a long workout. It tastes really fresh and invigorating and picks me right back up. Very different from other coconut waters and you can absolutely taste the difference in the quality. I'll be keeping a running stock of these in my fridge from now on!

-Zain A Nanjiani

Tastes like fresh king coconut


Tastes natural and fresh, unlike most coconut water products. Its better than the average coconut water because this is King coconut; which is times better in taste than normal coconut water. I grew up drinking this stuff off the tree and its great that they have managed to bottle this without affecting the taste.

-Uditha B.

Single country and coconut varietal. high quality, great taste, excellent product


Great product, single country origin from king coconuts. Fantastic taste from the king coconuts and unique packaging, very lightly pasteurized so shelf stable but still exceptional taste. Have ordered multiple times. They should consider also producing the product in a quality plastic bottle. The glass bottles are beautiful though and are great not just for quick refreshment but for a fancier dinner!


Beautiful design & taste


I find them especially great when hosting and having company, because of the beautiful design of the bottle. Look nice in the fridge and taste a lot more authentic than other coconut waters.

-Ashish Singal

This drink will refresh your life!


This is the most reinvigorating drink I have ever had. The descriptions on the bottle and in the reviews I have read don’t begin to do this beverage justice. The health qualities and enjoyment this drink provides are bountiful. For those who are getting in a good workout, traveling, or are feeling sick this will truly do a body more than good. For those who are drinkers and need to feel human again after a night out...this will change your life. 5 stars are not enough. Don’t waste any more time if you need a refreshing and healthy pick me up and click buy now!


Totally in love with this new brand!!!


Absolutely love this!!!!! Have tried countless other coconut water products and Eliya hands down beats them all in terms of freshness of taste and presentation (love the beautiful glass bottle). Phenomenal stuff, highly recommend it for anyone looking for the best new coconut water product out there....


My biggest issue with a harmless brand it was it was too sweet for my taste


I was initially reluctant to try a new coconut water as I am addicted to harmless coconut water but a friend gave me a bottle of Eliya to try after a long work out. That being said this coconut water is phenomenal and gave me the post workout boost I needed. My biggest issue with a harmless brand it was it was too sweet for my taste. This coconut water has way less sugar and is way more refreshing not to mention it has a fraction of the calories and plus it has electrolytes. Looks like I found my new coconut water addiction.

-Richard A.